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Equine Internal Medicine Flashcards provided by Manson Publishing

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This category contains Cattle Medicine Q&A flashcards provided by Mansons publishing, as part of the OVAL Project. Each flashcard consists of descriptions of an Equine case with questions and answer.

These questions are taken from the Equine Internal Medicine Self-Assessment Colour Review book which features a total of 239 questions.


  1. 4-year-old horse with gastric rupture
  2. Horse with a corneal ulcer
  3. 10-year-old mare with rapid onset of abnormal mentation
  4. 23-year-old with chronic cough and failure to shed its winter coat
  5. 8-year-old pony with weight loss, inappetence and non-painful pitting oedema of the ventral abdomen
  6. 4-month-old foal with bilateral swelling behind ramus of the mandible
  7. 3-year-old Thoroughbred mare with history of intermittent coughing and exercise intolerance
  8. Acute colic, fever and fluidy gut sounds
  9. 12-hour-old foal which is weak and lethargic with pale jaundiced mucous membranes
  10. 10-day-old filly losing milk through both nostrils whilst suckling
  11. 2-day-old colt with frequently seen with abnormal posture
  12. Horse with acute onset of exercise intolerance
  13. Septicaemia in the foal associated with vascular compromise
  14. Abnormal eye seen in pre-purchase examination
  15. Exploratory laparotomy in 14-month-old colt due to small intestinal obstruction
  16. 9-week-old Arabian foal with recurrent respiratory infections
  17. 10-week-old foal with signs of acute dyspnoea
  18. 12-year-old pony with history of weight loss, intermittent fever and ventral thoracic and abdominal oedema
  19. Decreased breath sounds on auscultation of 4-year-old
  20. 8-year-old with acute colic and abdominal distension
  21. 18-year-old Warmblood with progressive alopecia
  22. Thoroughbred with six-year history of chronic cough and intermittent nasal discharge
  23. Warmblood gelding with signs of mild abdominal pain over the previous two hours

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