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Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery Flashcards provided by Manson Publishing

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This category contains Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery Q&A flashcards provided by Mansons publishing, as part of the OVAL Project. Each flashcard consists of descriptions of a Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery case with questions and answers.

These questions are taken from the Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery Self-Assessment Colour Review book which features a total of 229 questions.


  1. 4 mo Bulldog with nasal discharge and not gaining weight
  2. 8 yo St Bernard with abdominal distention and retching
  3. 8 yo male dog with a mass adjacent to the bladder, adherent to the prostate
  4. Cat hit by a car with severe respiratory distress
  5. Dog with a persistent erection
  6. 2 yo Cocker Spaniel with lethargy and anorexia
  7. 4 yo male Pug with dyspnoea and cyanosis
  8. 7 yo Springer Spaniel with bradycardia, exercise intolerance and collapse
  9. 7 yo entire female dog with pu/pd, lethargy and oestrus 10 weeks ago
  10. 11 mo cat with a mass in the naso- and oropharyngeal region
  11. 5 yo German Shepherd with chronic nasal discharge, epistaxis and ulceration of the nares
  12. 3 yo female English Bulldog with possible dystocia
  13. 1 yo female Terrier with intermittent urinary incontinence
  14. 8 mo male English Bulldog with hypersalivation and regurgitation
  15. Dog with persistent licking and redness of the penis
  16. 5 yo DSH with obstipation, anorexia and weight loss
  17. 4 yo Weimaraner with a swelling of the ear
  18. Abdominal radiography of a 10 yo female Schnauzer
  19. 12 wo Weimaraner puppy with regurgitation and a thin body condition
  20. 7 mo cat with intermittent behaviour and neurological abnormalities
  21. 1 yo female Giant Schnauzer with a heart murmur
  22. 8 yo Labrador with acute dyspnoea and a change in her bark

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