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Contact details

About me

I have just graduated from the RVC and am due to start a Dairy Internship at Michigan State University once my visa arrives. I'm a keen rower and cricketer and can usually be found either in the college refectory or buttery bar.

What I hope to get out of this project

I'm hoping that it will give me some good web editing experience and refresh my knowledge in some areas.

My best learning experience in the past

Spending 3 weeks in the snow in Michigan helping calve, rectal and operate on a dairy unit of 2500 cows.

Curriculum area that interests me

I really enjoy Production Medicine and herd health, in particular in relation to the dairy cow. I also very much enjoy epidemiology, in particular outbreak investigation.

Day one thoughts

'I wonder when the Daily Telegraph will call for some editing advice?'

Sections I've been working on

Case Report Experiment

Log-in Experiment

Animal Templates

Template:No pics




Anatomy section experiment

portal experiment

Veterinary Education Online Experiment (Now redundant)


Drug pethidine
Action {{{Action}}}
Uses {{{Uses}}}
Contraindications {{{Contraindications}}}
Drug Interactions {{{Drug Interactions}}}
Liscensed in {{{Liscensed in}}}



An example of the click template

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What involvement (if any!) I would like to have with the project in the future

  • I would quite like to have a go at making WikiNutrition for the dairy cow...