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About me

I am currently in my third year at Nottingham University studying Veterinary Medicine. Before starting at Nottingham, I completed a year at Lincoln University where I gained a Certificate in Health Science qualification.

Contact detials

What I hope to gain from this project

I hope to learn more about the website so that I can use it myself in the future and raise its profile at Nottingham vet school! I think that it will be a really useful site for self and group directed learning, so I hope to be able to intoduce it into these sessions.

Pages I am working on

Dirofilaria immitis link to a page

Day Week 1 (5-11th July) Week 2 (12-18th July) Week 3 (19-25th July) Week 4 (26th Jul-1st Aug) Week 5 (2-8th Aug)
Monday 2 6 5 3
Tuesday 6 4 5 5 3
Wednesday 5 7 5 4 2
Thursday 7 6 6 6
Friday 7 7 5 2
Saturday 6 6 6 5
Sunday 7 6
Total hours 33 36 35 30 10

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