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About me

I'm Alex, a 6th year vet at Cambridge Vet School and I am one of the members of the WikiVet community. I'm here today with Tim Scase who is a pathologist up at Cambridge.

Me! You can find this picture and others at

What I hope to get out of this project

I'm here because I think that the Wiki Vet project is a marvelous idea to integrate the pathology content of the vet schools to provide a common source of resources for all vet students, residents, researchers and practicing veterinarians. I hope to be able to build the backbone of a system that will grow and evolve as time goes by and look forwards to creating a new and innovative system of learning.

My best learning experience

I learn best when I'm able to put in to practise what I am being tought. My best learning experiences have therefore been on my EMS where I have been able to perform operations, euthanasias and other wonderfully useful and interesting procedures.


...that I like

I'm interested in most aspects of pathology and appreciate cardiopathology the most.

...that I dislike

I can't say I'm particularly great at neuropathology and would benefit from additional teaching and resources in this field