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  • Virulence varies with isolates
  • Cessation of ciliary clearance and epithelial necrosis predisposes to secondary bacterial infections -> cough
  • May cause rhinitis of cattle


  • Diseased lung tissue from dead animals or centrifuged cells from lung lavage
  • Virus is too fragile for cell culture isolation (often inactivated in transport)
  • Antigen detection by immunocytochemistry for intracytoplasmic viral inclusions containing labelled viral protein
  • Serology: 4-fold rise in ELISA antibody in paired serum samples from several animals


  • Improve managemental factors
  • All-in, all-out systems
  • Some vaccination
    • Temperature sensitive mutant that replicates at 34oC but not at 37oC
    • Re-infection is common

Secondary Concerns

  • With other agents causes calf pneumonia
  • Associated with poor management:
    • Overcrowding
    • Poor ventilation
    • High humidity
    • Deprivation of colostrum
    • Stress caused by transport or mixing of stock