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  • Dehydration is a depletion in total body fluids.
  • Dehydration is first reflected in a diminution of blood volume - hypovolaemia.
    • The blood becomes hypertonic or hyperosmotic.
    • Fluid is withdrawn from the interstitial compartment.
  • If the dehydration continues, water is drawn from the cells.
    • Cellular dehydration impairs metabolic function, and death ensues.


  • Either:
    • Decreased intake due to lack of availability of water.
    • increased losses via
      • The skin (sweating)
      • The gut (diarrhoea)
      • The kidney (Renal disease).

Post-Mortem Appearance

  • Post-mortem appearance is not dramatic.
    • Sunken eyes.
    • The body tissues appear dry.
    • The serosal surfaces are dull.