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Creating the information box

The user information section is added to a page by adding the following code to your user page (choose code depending on your occupation):

Vets and vet students

{{UserPage |Name= |Occupation= |School= |Year= |Email= |Image= }}

Nurses and student nurses

{{UserPage |Name= |Occupation= |Place of Training= |Year= |Email= |Image= }}

All others

{{UserPage |Name= |Occupation= |Place of Work= |Job Title= |Email= |Image= }}

Personalising your information

All fields are optional, you are not compelled to add any details that you do not wish to share.


The occupation field is case sensitive and can only be one of the following occupations:

  • Veterinary Surgeon
  • Veterinary Student
  • Veterinary Nurse
  • Veterinary Student Nurse
  • Other

Occupation specific fields

  • Year: Refers to year of graduation or qualifying
  • School: Veterinary school where you trained
  • Place of Training: Place where your training was undertaken
  • Place of Work & Job Title: Self explanatory


Simply enter an email address of your choice. It will automatically be made into a link that when clicked will launch the users default email program to send an email to that address.


See section below.

Adding or changing your image

First you need to upload a new image that you wish to use in your profile. To do this go to the upload page (here) and follow the instructions to upload your image. Once you have done this make a note of the page name of your image, for example the WikiVet logo image can be seen on it's page here and you will see the page name is 'File:Wikivet.png'.

Now all you need to do is add the file name i.e. 'Wikivet.png' to the line '|Image=' on your page. e.g. |Image=WikiVet.png


This code below:

{{UserPage |Name=Sample User |Occupation= Veterinary Student |School= UK - Nottingham |Year= 2013 |Email= |Image=Wikivet.png }}

Produces this user information box:

Sample User's Page Customise Your Page? Sample User
Occupation Veterinary Student
Veterinary School UK - Nottingham
Year of Graduation 2013