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|backcolour =BCED91
The '''labial gland''' is found in the [[Lips|lips]]. It produces [[Mucous Salivary Gland - Anatomy & Physiology|mucous]] secretions.
|linkpage =Alimentary - Anatomy & Physiology
|linktext =Alimentary System
|maplink =
|powerpoints = [[Oral Cavity Histology resource|Tutorials about oral cavity histology, second resource features the labial gland]]
|sublink1=Oral Cavity - Salivary Glands - Anatomy & Physiology#Minor Salivary Glands
|Vetstream = [https://www.vetstream.com/canis/search?s=salivary Salivary Gland Diseases]
'''Labial Salivary Gland'''
*[[Mucous Salivary Gland - Anatomy & Physiology|Mucous]] secretion
*In [[Lips|lips]]
[[Category:Alimentary System - Anatomy & Physiology]]
[[Category:Salivary Glands - Anatomy & Physiology]]
[[Category:A&P Done]]

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The labial gland is found in the lips. It produces mucous secretions.

Labial Gland - Anatomy & Physiology Learning Resources
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Tutorials about oral cavity histology, second resource features the labial gland

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