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Your name

Contact details

About me

My first litter of abandoned hedgehogs ' The Unholy Trinity', Summer 2006
Another orphaned hedgehog in my care, unfortunately died of Ecoli!
'Maitai' the cat who thinks she's a dog

I am a second year BVetMed student at RVC, London. My life at the RVC began as a student on the Veterinary Gateway Programme, which was a 1 year preparatory course for the BVetMed (for more information on this amazing opportunity visit www.rvc.ac.uk). Next year I am studying an intercalated BSc in Infection at UCL. I am particularly interested in wildlife medicine and foster orphaned hedgehogs for re-release. I also keep African Pygmy Hedgehogs as pets and will be breeding them in the very near future. Aside from the hedgehogs, I share my home with three cats - a constant source of amusement. Aside from university life I love music and art. Most of my free time is spent going to gigs and listening to metal/rock music (that i'm sure my neighbours take much offence to) or drawing (badly).

What I hope to get out of this project

An opportunity to read around and understand topics without the pressure of approaching exams and the usual time constraints. I also think it's a good opportunity to access notes from other vet schools and work with other students and lecturers.

Curriculum area that interests me

My passion is for Immunology and Pathology (hence the intercalated BSc).

Topics that are difficult

Musculoskeletal system - orthopaedics will NEVER be my specialty!

Sections I've been working on

What involvement (if any!) I would like to have with the project in the future

  • I'd be happy to continue editing the Wiki in the future.