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  • Infection by dipterous flies in moist body areas (eg. perineum)
  • Commonly affects sheep - ovine fleece rot
  • Grossly:
    • Matted hair or wool, may be in wounds
    • Multiple holes or ulcers
    • Malodour
  • May result in death due to septicaemia or toxaemia
  • Cuterebra myiasis
    • Caused by Cuterebra sp
    • Young animals come into contact with eggs on stones or plants
    • Nodules with larvae in subcutis + respiration openings to surface
  • Hypoderma myiasis
    • Caused by Hypoderma lineatum or H. bovis
    • Mainly affects cattle
    • Skin of legs is penetrated -> migration through oesophagus or vertebral canal to subcutis of back
    • Cause subcutaneous nodules with respiration openings
    • Larvae in cavity with fibrin and eosinophils surrounded by granulation tissue with eosinophil clusters
  • Screwworm myiasis
    • Occurs in Africa, Asia, Central and South America
    • Larvaae are deposited in wounds
    • Penetrate and liquify tissue