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What is WikiVet

WikiVet was originally launched in 2007 with the objective of providing a one stop shop to support all veterinary students and graduates in their studies. Since then, the site has grown enormously to accommodate the needs of students to access reliable information which fits well with their existing course material. Now in the UK over 70% of all students are registered users of WikiVet and globally we ghave over 15,000 students users.

Why do students need another veterinary site

Ten Tips on using WikiVet

Try using the PDF Book Writer to select a series of pages in WikiVet and then save them as a PDF file which you can read on a mobile, tablet or laptop

What you can do to support WikiVet

To avoid each vet school reinventing the wheel when developing teaching material. The need for an authorative resource which is focused on veterinary education and is peer reviewed (cf Wikipedia). Opportunity to assist veterinary students in countries where veterinary education is not as well supported. The WikiVet site has grown enormously and now has over 5,000 pages of content and 27,000 veterinary registered users. It provides an expanding veterinary encyclopaedia with related learning materials. You can choose to learn and revise by topic, system or species using a range of resources such as flashcards, quizzes and drag and drop exercises. We would strongly recommend that you register now and start learning how to access content relevant to the course.