Preferred optimum temperature zone

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Often abbreviated to: POTZ

Reptiles are ectothermic vertebrates that regulate body temperature by behavioural and physiological processes. Optimum functioning of metabolic processes, including digestion, growth, healing, reproduction and immune system are reliant on temperature.

It is imperative that captive snakes are kept within their POTZ since long-term health is dependent upon appropriate environmental temperatures.

POTZ for common snake species:

  • Common kingsnake: 25 - 32°C
  • Corn/rat snake: 25 - 32°C
  • Boa constrictor: 28 - 34°C
  • Burmese python: 25 - 34°C
  • Royal python: 25 - 34°C
  • Garter snake: 21 - 32°C