Streptococcus & Enterococcus Infections in Poultry Flashcards

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Where do Streptococcus and Enterococcus species reside in healthy animals? Link to Article
What is the most common disease caused by streptococcosis in poultry and how does it present? Link to Article
Which species is known for causing disease in racing pigeons and how does it present? Link to Article
What diseases are caused by S.equi subsp.zooepidemicus? Link to Article
Which Enterococcus species is most associated with clinical disease? Link to Article
Which two Enterococcus spp. can cause encephalomalacia in chicks? Link to Article
Which blood vessels do the organisms congregate in? Link to Article
What agars can they be cultured on? Link to Article
What is usually the first choice of antibiotic for treatment of these infections in poultry? Link to Article
Which streptococcal infection is there a vaccine for and what degree of protection does it provide? Link to Article