Taenia multiceps

Taenia multiceps
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Platyhelminthes
Class Cestoda
Order Cyclophyllidea
Family Taeniidae
Genus Taenia
Species T. multiceps

Also known as: Multiceps multiceps — Coenurus cerebralis — Gid — Staggers


Definitive host: Canids.

Intermediate host: Sheep.


T. multiceps are around 5cm in length.

Life Cycle

The intermediate host is infected via ingestion of the parasite eggs. These eggs hatch in the small intestine. The parasite the migrates to the spinal cord and brain via the blood stream. The definitive host becomes infected when it eats the spinal cord, or brain of the intermediate host.

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Taylor, M.A, Coop, R.L., Wall,R.L. (2007) Veterinary Parasitology Blackwell Publishing

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