Taenia serialis

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Taenia serialis
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Platyhelminthes
Class Cestoda
Order Cyclophyllidea
Family Taeniidae
Genus Taenia
Species T. serialis'

Also known as: Coenurus serialis


Intermediate host: Rabbit

Definitive host: Dog


T. serialis is around 0.5m, with two prominent rows of hooks.

Life Cycle

The intermediate host is infected through ingestion of the tapeworm egg, which is shed by the dog, which acts as the definitive host. These develop and form cysts in the intermuscular connective tissues of rabbits, often causing a soft subdermal swelling. The definitive host then becomes infected through ingestion of the metacestode.

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Taylor, M.A, Coop, R.L., Wall,R.L. (2007) Veterinary Parasitology Blackwell Publishing

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