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Question Answer Article
What is the difference between a Stercorarian trypanosome and a Salivarian trypanosome? Link to Article
What is the syndrome that trypanosomosis causes in humans? Link to Article
At what age are cattle most susceptible to trypanosomosis? Link to Article
Which salivarian trypanosome affects all domestic mammals and causes skin disease in donkeys? Link to Article
Which salivarian trypanosome does not require a vector and what disease does it cause? Link to Article
Which stercorarian trypanosome causes Chagas’ disease in humans in South America? What is its insect vector? Link to Article
Where are the salivarian trypanosomes found? Link to Article
What are the clinical features of trypanosomosis in ruminants? Link to Article
How can low levels of parasitaemia be detected? Link to Article
What is the most common treatment for trypanosomosis? What consideration should be made when treating horses? Link to Article