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Asher Allison's Page Customise Your Page? Asher Allison
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Occupation Veterinarian
Veterinary School UK - Nottingham
Year of Graduation 2011
Email -

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Page status templates

These are used to indicate what stage a page is currently at:

User Pages

User information box now automatically generated when user decides to add their information to their user page.

Supported by: Template:VetPage, Template:NursePage, Template:OtherPage & Template:BlankPage

Vet School Info Page

Used to standardise the information pages for the vetschools. Example for the RVC can be seen here.

Supported by: Template:Schoolimage & Template:Schoolrow


This template is designed to automatically display content in preformed tables. Allowing content to be displayed across the full width of the screen and allowing colour coding of sections.

Supported by: Template:Blend, Template:Mainheader, Template:Sub, Template:Subheading, Template:Subtext & Template:Tableend


This template was primarily designed to seamlessly intergrate the page formats created using the infotable template with the standard wikivet page layout as well as allowing the intergration of content maps. It also provides a compact system for displayed links back to higher pages.

Supported by: Template:Toplinksublink, Template:Topmap & QuizCheck


This template was designed to standardise how references for books and journals are displayed on the wiki.

Supported by: Template:Altlast & Template:Altfirst


This template is designed to ease the editing of the frontpages for each of the main sections on WikiVet.

Supported by: Template:Frontadditional, Template:Fronttable & Template:Frontpagemap

Login Images

This template provides the links and images for the "error" pages that greets non-logged in users trying to reached restricted pages.


This template provides the link to The Donkey Sanctuary found in the right hand side of toplink on all donkey pages.


This template produces the categories for the WikiQuiz pages.

Quiz Reviewed

Display box to indicate who has reviewed a particular quiz.


Acknowledgement section for CT images.

Supporting Templates

These templates give functionality to the templates shown above.

  • Template:If provides a basic if function to code. If the set variable is positive (i.e. has a value assigned) then it will display a determined variable, and likewise if the set variable is negative (i.e. no value assigned) then another determined variable is displayed.
  • Template:Param1 provides the variable for template:if to function.
  • Template:Ifeq gives the if function but allows the if to be an exact value.
  • Template:Call supports this template.
  • Template:! allows the '|' to be used in templates without breaking template syntax e.g. putting a table into a template