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Gemma Gaitskell-Phillips BVetMed MSc MRCVS

Gemma graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2010 and has lived in Madrid since then. She started working with WikiVet as the Spanish Editor and spent time working to try and develop the Spanish WikiVet site. Whilst at the RVC she was involved in creating dragster activities and translating material to and from Spanish with the RVC and Murcia. Since then she has been involved in the OVAL project and in charge of coordinating the WikiVet Student Ambassadors. More recently she has also been responsible for the organisation of the OVAM project and the creation of the Online Anatomy Museum. In addition to involvement in other WikiVet content creation projects such as the small animal dentistry, feline behaviour and small animal nutrition sections. In her spare time she enjoys riding horses and is a show jumping enthusiast, as well as also enjoying skiing and sailing. She has recently completed a masters in equine reproduction and her other interests include equine and small animal nutrition.

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