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WikiVet has recently partnered with CRC Press to provide you with some fantastic resources, including free access to selected material from their veterinary textbooks as well as great discounts on both physical and electronic copies of their books.

For more information on their full veterinary range, go to the CRC Press Veterinary website.

How you can help

Would you like to bag yourself a free textbook or book voucher, and help out WikiVet at the same time? The voucher will be redeemable against a wide range of textbooks from CRC Press, a premier global publisher of science, technology and medical resources. CRC Press publish the highly-regarded Self-Assessment Colour Review series as well as many other recommended anatomy and clinical texts.

There are three ways that you can get involved, help WikiVet, and get some great revision in at the same time!

Case selection from the Self-Assessment Colour Review series

Do you find case examples a useful way to revise? Do you like to test yourself and your friends to help you learn tricky topics? We have a limited number of opportunities for students to help WikiVet select the top 10% of cases from a range of titles in CRC Press' fantastic self-assessment series, across a variety of veterinary topics. This is likely to take a few hours of your time, but will provide you with some excellent revision in your chosen topic, and give you the chance to get a another free book from this highly practical series.

For more information on how to get involved, go to CRC Press - Case Selection Information.

Published book reviews

Fancy yourself as a bit of a wordsmith? Want to get your teeth into a new textbook? CRC Press and WikiVet are offering free book vouchers worth up to £150, or your choice of textbook, in return for book reviews that are published on WikiVet. We're looking for both students and new practitioners to review books published within the last six months (or about to be published - CRC Press can give you an advance copy to assess). If you're interested, please email CRC Press' Veterinary Editor alice.oven@tandf.co.uk with your topic of interest. We can only publish one student review and one practitioner review of each new text, so first come, first served!

For more details on this opportunity, go to CRC Press - Book Review Information.

New book proposal reviews

Would you like to offer your opinion on new veterinary textbook proposals? If so, you can email alice.oven@tandf.co.uk to join a mailing list, and have the chance to peer review new book proposals in return for a book voucher worth up to £200. This usually involves reading a short proposal document and some sample writing, and completing a questionnaire about the content. As above, this opportunity will be on a first come, first served basis so keep an eye on your emails!

For more details on this opportunity go to CRC Press - Book Proposal Questionnaire Information.

Contact Us

For more information on any of the above opportunities, please contact Alice Oven at alice.oven@tandf.co.uk