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Welcome to the WikiClinical Section of WikiVet; the focus in this section is on diseases and conditions and includes details on signalment and history, clinical signs, diagnostics, treatments and expected outcomes. You can search this section by species or by body system (see below).

Content by Species

Canine Clinical SectionDog-logo.png

Canine Clinical Section
Feline Clinical SectionCat-logo.png

Feline Clinical Section
Bovine Clinical SectionCow-logo.png

Bovine Clinical Section
Equine Clinical SectionHorse-logo.png

Equine Clinical Section
Canine Section Feline Section Bovine Section Equine Section
Porcine Section Small Ruminant
Camelid Section Avian Section
Exotics Section Donkey Section Clinical Techniques

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Content by System

Alimentary Diseases

Cardiovascular Diseases

Respiratory Diseases

Musculoskeletal Diseases

Neurological Diseases

Lymphoreticular and Haematopoietic Diseases

Endocrine Diseases

Urogenital Diseases

Dermatological Diseases