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This site has been developed for veterinary graduates, students and nurses. It provides a comprehensive virtual curriculum containing a wealth of veterinary information and learning resources. Use the navigation buttons above to jump to the relevant section of the site or search for a particular topic.

WikiVet News and Updates

Welcome to all new veterinary students registering in 2014, take a look at this section which explain how you can get the most out of WikiVet during your studies.

There are currently 5,553 articles on WikiVet and 35,913 registered users of the site.

Educational Links

A new feature on WikiVet is a series of veterinary podcasts which you can access from the link on the left border. These include over 20 clinical topics recorded by Shailen Jasani through interviews with RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals clinicians on topics such as Transfusion Medicine. There are also 50 research podcasts on a wide range of topics such as Hot topics in animal locomotion research also recorded at the RVC. Finally there are some great podcasts from practice developed by Peter Wedderburn who is a veterinary practitioner in Ireland. 28th August 2014

WikiVet has added a selection of over 300 valuable veterinary educational links. This is probably the most comprehensive listing of its kind on the web. All the links have been been selected and reviewed by students and staff at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Each link includes a summary to indicate how these resources might be of value. 22nd August 2014


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