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Virtual Veterinary Conference 2024

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Embark on an enticing journey through pet healthcare, exploring intriguing guinea pig diseases, practical strategies for cat-friendly clinics, and interactive ophthalmology cases. Deep-dive into neurological emergencies through dynamic case videos. Discover rabbit urinary tract diseases, decode the behaviour of confrontational cats, understand the rising trend of ocular disease in brachycephalic dogs, and tackle the challenge of spinal pain in young dogs.

A compelling exploration tailored for vets from anywhere in the world, primed to spark your curiosity and reignite your passion for animal care.

Also known as: Virtual Congress, VC24, VVC24, and Virtual Congress 2024.

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Introducing The Webinar Vet, the groundbreaking CE platform that's revolutionizing the veterinary industry! Are you looking to maintain your CE progress effortlessly? The Webinar Vet has got your back. Seeking an easy way to download your CE certificates? Absolutely, that's covered too.

The Webinar Vet offers webinars and podcasts that are not just informative but also compatible across various devices. Whether you're on a tablet, smartphone, or computer, you can start watching on one device and continue seamlessly on another, ensuring you never miss a critical detail during transitions.

There's more to discover! The Webinar Vet's webinars are enriched with detailed synopses, release notes, and some even include interactive Q&A sessions. This ensures you gain the most from your CE experience. With new webinars and podcasts introduced weekly by leading experts, you're guaranteed a continuous stream of up-to-date veterinary knowledge.

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