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|link7=[[Camelid Clinical Section|Camelid Section]]
|link7=[[Camelid Clinical Section|Camelid Section]]
|link8=[[Avian Clinical Section|Avian Section]]
|link8=[[Avian Clinical Section|Avian Section]]
|logo9={{click|width=80px|height=80px|top=20px|link=Exotics Clinical Section|image=Lizard-logo.png}}
|logo10={{click|width=80px|height=80px|top=20px|link=Exotics Clinical Section|image=Lizard-logo.png}}
|logo11={{click|width=80px|height=88px|link=Clinical Techniques|image=clin-logo.png}}
|logo12={{click|width=80px|height=88px|link=Clinical Techniques|image=clin-logo.png}}
|link9=[[Exotics Clinical Section|Exotics Section]]
|link10=[[Exotics Clinical Section|Exotics Section]]
|link11=[[Clinical Techniques]]
|link12=[[Clinical Techniques]]
|logo=clin-logo copy.png
|logo=clin-logo copy.png

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Welcome to the WikiClinical Section of WikiVet. Here is discussed all aspects of the 'sick' animal. For all conditions we hope to provide; common signalment and history, clinical signs, useful diagnostic tools and then the treatment and expected outcome of each case. You can search this section of WikiVet by either looking in the species section or in the systems section. When editing this section please add one of the animal logo templates on every page so that all users know which animal that particular page belongs too.

Content by Species

Canine Section Feline Section Bovine Section Equine Section
Porcine Section Small Ruminant
Camelid Section Avian Section
Exotics Section Clinical Techniques

Clin-logo copy.png

Content by System

Alimentary Diseases

Cardiovascular Diseases

Respiratory Diseases

Musculoskeletal Diseases

Neurological Diseases

Lymphoreticular and Haematopoietic Diseases

Endocrine Diseases

Urogenital Diseases

Dermatological Diseases