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The template that will be on your school page
  1. If you want to create a page for your Vet School, first check on the Vet Schools Worldwide map to see if someone else has created it first!
  2. WikiVet tries where possible to only have links to pages that have content on them. All the red pins on the map are not linked to school pages as the page either hasn't been started, or has insufficient material on it currently. As soon as it's got enough to be linked, it will turn blue and the link will be active.
  3. If the page has not been created yet, you should contact the WikiVet Team and tell them what school page you would like to create - they will set up a page for you with some instructions for adding content.
  4. You should add information for each section by clicking on the 'edit' button that corresponds to the section (see right).
  5. When you think you have added all the information you can, contact the WikiVet Team again and if the page contains sufficient material, they will beautify the page and link it to a pin on the map so others can find your school page - they will also announce on the WikiVet Facebook page that it has been added!

If you would like to see an example of a completed Vet School page, have a look at the Royal Veterinary College's page for an idea of what you should write about.