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The WikiVet team have a group of experts in their field who review content on WikiVet. This involves the reviewers checking through content on the site, and 'signing it off'. Many of these reviewers have been approached by the WikiVet team and asked to review content based on their expertise.

The benefit for WikiVet users is that they can trust content on WikiVet. The benefit for reviewers is the academic recognition of your expertise; all pages reviewed by you will have a link in a banner to your WikiVet profile. You are able to publicise yourself on your profile and even link to other sites externally from here. Here is an example of what the reviewer banners look like:

Am I qualified to review content?

WikiVet is looking for reviewers ideally with postgraduate qualifications and significant experience of teaching content in the area they wish to review. This high level of academic and educational expertise ensures our content is suitable.

How do I apply?

If you wish to become an expert reviewer and believe you are suitably qualified, please contact the WikiVet coordinator with a summary of your qualifications and expertise. You do not have to review whole sections - each page can be reviewed individually. Unfortunately we are unable to offer payment, however your contribution to WikiVet will be recognised in the form of a banner similar to the one above.