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This page will explain how ‘toplink’ is used across the wiki. Examples of optimal use of 'toplink' can be seen in the pages of the lymphatic system and haematopoiesis sections of the wiki.

Known Issue

Issues does not affect newly created pages. For more details see here.


Essentially the wiki sections have the following structure (example on left):

Page type Example
Section Veterinary Education Online Anatomy & Physiology
System Veterinary Education Online Lymphatic System
System Subpages Lymphoreticular System
Further subpages Primary Lymphoid Tissues
Further subpages Thymus

Section Veterinary Education Online

Contains link back to the wiki home page (‘Veterinary Education Online’)

System Veterinary Education Online

On the toplink on the system main page the link naturaly returns to the section main page.

E.g. Lymphatic system page has the link to ‘Anatomy & Physiology

System Subpages

Here the toplink simply returns to the system main page.

E.g. Lymphoreticular system returns to ‘Lymphatic system

Further Subpages

Here the toplink contains the first link back to the system main page and the second link always returns to the page that is above that page in the “hierarchy”.

E.g. Primary lymphoid tissue has its main link back to ‘Lymphatic system’ and the second link to ‘Lymphoreticular system
E.g. Thymushas its main link back to ‘Lymphatic system’ and the second link to ‘Primary Lymphoid tissue


In this way the user can always get back to the page they have come from in the and the main section page in the section hierachy, while avoiding having many links if a page is several layers down the page hierarchy.

More than one sublink should be kept to a minimum as there is no need to have a link back to every page that is mildly relevant. However there are times where more than one link is appropriate.

E.g. Lymphoreticular system has a sublink to immunology as that is a major link from WikiBlood