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WikiVet Courses enable Vet Schools to make it easier for students to find content they'll need during their weeks of study. Pages can be set up for each course, then within that course each year, each term and each week on that term. On those week pages links are posted to articles and resources that students will find useful to complement the teaching they receive in that week.

The first of these courses has been created for the RVC, the first years of the Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science and Veterinary Nursing courses have been mapped out and linked to WikiVet content. There is also a more generic preclinical Veterinary Medicine Course

If you'd like to do this for your course, it's relatively straight-forward. A lot of courses will have similar content at particular stages, so it is possible to modify the existing courses for your own pages. Please contact us if you would like to do this, and we can help you.