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Both topic and system should be entered, but this is not essential. The subcategory variable does not need to have an input but if it does not it will be assigned to the '?' grouping. The subcategory variables allow the quiz to be listed more appropiratley. For example a Urinary Quiz will be listed under the system (Urinary) but will then be listed under the subcategory 'A' (for anatomy).


Variable Topic
Anatomy Anatomy & Physiology
Blood WikiBlood
Bugs WikiBugs
Clinical WikiClinical
Drug WikiDrugs
Pathology WikiPath
WikiNormal WikiNormals
Variable System
Alimentary Anatomy & Physiology
Cardiorespiratory Cardiorespiratory System
Developmental Developmental Biology
Endocrine Endocrine System
Integument Integumentary System
Immunology Haematology and Immunology
Lymphatic Lymphoreticular System
MSK Musculoskeletal System
Nervous Nervous and Special Senses
Reproductive Reproductive System
Urinary Urinary System


Example page: Urinary Anatomy & Physiology Quiz

For a quiz on the pathology of the cardiorespiratory system.


For a quiz on the anatomy and physiology of the urinary system.


For a quiz on infectious diseases on viruses.


For a quiz on infectious diseases on tuberculosis.