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About me

including a photo I like

What I hope to get out of this project

My best learning experience

and why it was good

Pathology that interests me

Pathology that is difficult

Day one thoughts

What (three things) I learnt today

  1. That it will take more than naked enthusiasm to get Wikivet up and running.
  2. That the usefulness of the site, and its ultimate sustainability will be totally dependent on the degree that it is used by the students.
  3. I am mainly a yellow card person.

What I still need to learn

How to keep the impetus and drive for the project going.

How I feel about what has happened today


Three weeks into the wikivet project (or thereabouts)

Sections I've been working on

  • link

What I feel I've gained so far from being involved in the project

Problems or issues that I've had or can forsee

My suggestions for improving the way the project works for the future

What involvement (if any!) I would like to have with the project in the future