Tooth Sectioning Videos

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Tooth Sectioning Videos
This section is part of Small Animal Dentistry Learning Resources

Mars Petcare have partnered with veterinary dentist John Robinson to develop canine and feline tooth sectioning models that support veterinary student education and aid the ongoing development of veterinary professionals. The 3d models, endorsed by the British Veterinary Dental Association, are an accurate representation of the dentition on the right-hand side of the mouth, designed to clearly demonstrate the recommended method for sectioning and extraction of teeth. Crowns are pre-sectioned and allow the roots to be removed as individual pieces and replaced back in the model.
Educational video tutorial has been developed to demonstrate how these sections are made in practise and is available below.
The mouth models will be distributed to a number of Veterinary Schools across Europe to aid in the education of the next generation of veterinary surgeons.

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