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(Copyright Dianna Evans 2010)

About me

I am graduating from the RVC this summer, I also have a BSc in Zoology from the university of Bristol. I'm starting in a mixed practice in Wales in October doing maternity cover for about a year.

What I hope to get out of this project

I hope that working as a Wikivet author will help consolidate my knowledge before going into practice.

What I am working on


  • Template




Clinical Signs

Laboratory Tests








Hours worked

Date Hours worked
Tuesday 6th July 4
Wednesday 7th July 2
Week 1 Total 6
Week 2 Total 0
Friday 23rd July 6.5
Sunday 25th July 6.5
Week 3 Total 13
Monday 26th July 7
Tuesday 27th July 7
Saturday 31st July 7
Sunday 1st Aug 2
Week 4 Total 23
Monday 2nd Aug 7
Tuesday 3rd Aug 7
Wednesday 4th Aug 7
Week 5 Total 21
Monday 9th August 3
Tuesday 10th August 6
Thursday 12th August 8
Week 6 Total 17
Tuesday 17th 5
Thursday 19th August 5
Saturday 21st August 5
Sunday 22nd August 3
Week 7 Total 18
Friday 27th August 4
Week 8 Total 4
Tuesday 31st 5
Wednesday 1st September 6
Thursday 2nd September 5
Week 9 Total 16
Tuesday 7th September 2
Wednesday 8th September 3
Thursday 9th September 5
Friday 10th September 3
Week 10 Total 13
Monday 13th September 4.5
Tuesday 14th September 4.5
Week 11 Total 9