Veterinary Public Health

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Veterinary Public Health

Welcome to the Veterinary Public Health Section of WikiVet. The field of Public Health concerns the management of human health at the community level as well as food safety. This contrasts to other aspects of medicine where treatment is frequently focussed on the individual. Public Health often involves methods of disease prevention (e.g. vaccination, sanitation, etc.) Veterinary Public Health concerns all areas of Public Health that can be protected or improved by Veterinary Medicine. Under this broad definition Veterinary Public Health could include almost all aspects of veterinary work from treating pets (as this helps people's "..mental & social well-being..") to farm animal veterinary work (as this helps secure food production, essential to public health).


An Introduction to Veterinary Public Health

Principles & Skills for Protecting Public Health

Food Safety

Further issues in VPH

Epidemiology Details