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FREE access to Vetstream for all WikiVet registered student users. Select from Canis, Felis, Equis or Lapis content.

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Free Student Access

WikiVet student users can now access Vetstream free of charge. This provides students with a major new clinical educational and reference resource which will be invaluable to veterinary studies as well as clinical practice.

Recent Graduate Subsidised Rates

For recent graduates, we have also secured a special deal so that existing WikiVet users will get a reduction in subscription rates. Graduates in their first year of practice will get a 66% discount whilst second year graduates get a 33% discount.

Institutional Access Veterinary schools who sign up for an institutional licence also stand to benefit - of importance to WikiVet is the fact that institutions from developing nations will benefit from preferential terms in line with their economic development. Please contact Vetstream directly for information about your school can benefit from an institutional licence.

More Information

Finally, it is important to note that access to WikiVet content will remain completely free. However, we do receive a commission for users who decide to register with Vetstream So we hope that you find that free access to Vetstream is useful to you and that when you graduate you will be encouraged to subscribe and help subsidise access to WikiVet for future generations of students.

Visit Vetstream Information for more information about the partnership between Vetstream and WikiVet.