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During hot summer weather you are presented with a group of 3-month-old single suckled beef calves that have been grazing a 25 hectare field. The only water supply is a small stream which has almost dried up; there is a lot of poaching and faecal contamination of the ground surrounding the edges of the stream. Several calves have profuse diarrhoea, containing mucus and small flecks of fresh blood, with considerable staining of the perineum and tail. Tenesmus with partial eversion of the rectum is observed in two calves. The clinical signs are less marked in the remaining calves where chronic wasting and poor appetite are the presenting signs. The rectal temperatures are normal.

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What conditions would you consider? (Most likely first.) Link to Article
How could you confirm your diagnosis? Link to Article
What treatment(s) would you recommend? Link to Article
What control measures could be adopted? Link to Article

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