VetPrep Lectures

These recordings have been generously donated by VetPrep, the leading provider OF NAVLE Assessment Tools.

  1. Canine Intestinal Obstructions
  2. Caprine Caseous Lymphadenitis
  3. Equine_Streptococcus equi
  4. Feline Herpesvirus - 1
  5. Porcine Reproductive And Respiratory Syndrome


These talks are intended to provide a short overview of key topics in the curriculum. They are about 10 minutes long to make them easy to watch and come with a printable fact sheet. More to follow!

  1. Canine Diabetes - Dr Stijn Niessen (RVC)

Histology PowerPoint Tutorials

This category contains PowerPoints that were originally created to complement histology teaching at the Royal Veterinary College, UK by John Bredl. They have since been repurposed and converted into a Flash format for WikiVet.

Each tutorial consists of a series of histological images with annotations, and also feature questions and answers.