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Question Answer Article
What are seed ticks? Link to Article
How can you differentiate hard ticks from soft ticks? Link to Article
True or False: Soft ticks can swell up to three times their body size whilst taking a blood meal Link to Article
List the mouthparts of ticks Link to Article
Fill in the missing words about soft and hard ticks:

Soft ticks feed ??? and on ??? hosts. Hard ticks take ??? at each life cycle stage and can feed on ??? different hosts during their life cycle.

Link to Article
What is trans-ovarian transmission and give an example of a species of tick which uses this Link to Article
What is trans-stadial transmission? Link to Article
What is the most important tick species in the UK, how many hosts does it feed upon and what disease can it spread? Link to Article
What climate does Rhipicephalus species prefer and what is it a vector for? Link to Article
Name some important soft ticks Link to Article
  • What are the main methods of tick control?
Link to Article