WikiVet Introduction

What is WikiVet?

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WikiVet is a worldwide collaborative project to develop a comprehensive on-line peer reviewed veterinary knowledge database. The aim is to cover the entire undergraduate curriculum. To access all of the content within WikiVet or edit anything requires registration, which is FREE, to ensure that is used by people related to the veterinary profession only. Read a current 2015 update on WikiVet here. The WikiVet site is managed by the WikiVet Educational Foundation (a UK Registered Charity number 1160546) and its trading arm, The WikiVet Trading Company Ltd (Companies House No. 09692958).

What can I get from WikiVet?

Apart from factual information focusing on the key points within a topic, WikiVet contains a selection of learning resources like flashcards, videos, quizzes and other types of computer based learning resources. Most of these learning resources require registration as these are not open to the public and are intended for use mainly by undergraduate students.

Who uses WikiVet?

The site is mainly used by Veterinary Students in the UK, Europe and everywhere else around the world. It is becoming increasingly popular with students in the USA too. Have a look at our world map to see where some of these schools are based.

It is also accessed by veterinarians, lecturers and other professions related to the veterinary field. As to why they use it, why not read what our users have to say.

How do I use WikiVet?

Our users tend to use WikiVet in one of three main ways, either for reference, revision or for learning

Using WikiVet as a reference resource

WikiVet content is easily searchable via the dedicated search engine, so when you want to remind yourself of something or look something up, you should be able to get to it swiftly. You can also navigate our written content or learning resources via species, disciplines or body systems. We hope in this way you will be able to get to the information you want fast, and when you get to it there will hopefully be cited references so you know where the content has come from. We're also working on getting the content reviewed by experts.

Using WikiVet for revision

Many written pages of content have links to relevant flashcards, quizzes or other learning resources that let you test your knowledge of a subject. These resources can even be downloaded as PDF's so you can go through them while on the move

Using WikiVet for learning

We have grouped our content together into categories, so you can work your way through a topic. For instance if you wanted to learn about the anatomy of the alimentary system, you can see all the pages of written content and learning resources we have on that topic.

All of our pages have been written and peer-reviewed by qualified vets, many of them recent graduates. This means they remember what kind of information they needed to know to pass exams, and can summarise topics to the essential knowledge. We provide lots of links on pages so if you're learning about something, it's very easy to then read around it without having to get another book out!

What next?

The project is not and will never be finished. This means that there will always be new developments, updates and information added. So why not register with the site and have a look for yourself today?

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If you would like to get more involved in adding details about your own school to the site or helping to build the content, please send us an email.