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Small Animal Dermatology Flashcards provided by Manson Publishing

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This category contains Small Animal Dermatology Q&A flashcards provided by Mansons publishing, as part of the OVAL Project. Each flashcard consists of descriptions of a small animal dermatology case with questions and answer.

These questions are taken from the Small Animal Dermatology Self-Assessment Colour Review book which features a total of 230 questions.


  1. Norwegian elkhound with confluent dermal masses
  2. Dog with circular crusted lesion on its abdomen
  3. Photomicrograph of normal dog skin
  4. Photomicrograph of positive direct immunofluorescence testing
  5. Kitten with raised, firm, pencil-like lesions on the caudal aspects of its hindlegs
  6. Partially paralyzed dog with an angry inguinal fold area
  7. Photomicrograph of a cross section of a hair bulb
  8. Chow chow puppy with hair loss, erythema and pruritus
  9. Cat with lameness and swollen skin around the base of the nails
  10. 6-month-old Siamese cat with multiple cutaneous nodules
  11. Intensely pruritic dog
  12. Dog with a focal area of non-inflammatory hair loss in the lateral lumbosacral area
  13. Hair loss and pruritus around the base of the tail
  14. Chocolate labrador puppy with acute onset facial swelling, depression and anorexia
  15. Dog with weight gain, hair loss, polyuria and polydipsia as well as sloughing of an ear tip
  16. 2-year-old blue doberman pinscher dog with endocrine alopecia of unknow aetiology
  17. Dog with a raised, erythematous, moist and firm mass on its forepaw
  18. 2-year-old Siberian husky dog with depigmentation of the lips
  19. 2-year-old cocker spaniel dog with recurrent otitis externa
  20. 3-year-old springer spaniel dog with greasy accumulations around the ear margins
  21. Dog with acute rectal bleeding
  22. Siberian husky dog with pruritic crusty lesions on the face and ears

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