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Veterinary Dentistry Flashcards provided by Manson Publishing

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This category contains Veterinary Dentistry Q&A flashcards provided by Mansons publishing, as part of the OVAL Project. Each flashcard consists of descriptions of a Veterinary Dentistry case with questions and answers.

These questions are taken from the Veterinary Dentistry Self-Assessment Colour Review book which features a total of 225 questions.


  1. Dog with an acute inability to close its mouth
  2. Xray of a dog with an oral mass
  3. Developmental abnormality in a 1yo dog
  4. Discolourations of teeth
  5. Eosinophilic granulomas in cats
  6. Fractured tooth
  7. Cat with diabetes mellitus and a large head with a protruding mandible
  8. Structure removed from the parotid salivary duct of a horse
  9. Jaw developmental abnormality in a puppy
  10. Soft fluid-filled swelling in the floor of the mouth
  11. Dental xray
  12. Xray of the head of an 8mo dog on a balanced diet
  13. Abnormal permanent tooth following extraction of the deciduous tooth
  14. Equine pre-purchase examination
  15. Dog with lameness, oral lesions, peripheral lymphadenopathy and fever
  16. Traumatic condition in a cat
  17. 10yo Collie with high blood creatinine levels
  18. Dog presented for halitosis
  19. 9yo horse with progressive weight loss
  20. Horse with 'three year-old bumps'
  21. 1yo rabbit fed concentrates and no hay throughout its life
  22. Cheek teeth extraction in horses

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