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Software created by Asher Allison

Originally this program was specifically designed to produce code for the mediawiki extension 'Imagemap', in order to create interactive content maps on WikiVet. The 'NE' version can now produce interactive content maps without the requirment for this extension. The program extracts co-ordinates and links from the source code of the content map web page produced by CMapTools and outputs it into compatible wiki code for use in WikiVet.


Currently the version for use on the wiki is Content Map Converter as this will produce working content maps. Content Map Converter NE is now archived due to the introduction of the ImageMap extension.

Content Map Converter requires the extension ImageMap to be installed on the server. However this is currently not installed and therefore output from this program will not function. Once the extension is installed this will become the preferred program as its output is more elegant and the functionality of the content maps increased.

Download program

Please ensure you choose the correct version.

Content Map Converter

Content Map Converter NE



  • This is a Windows only application
  • Windows Installer 3.1 and .NET 3.5 framework are required for this program to function^

^The installer will prompt and direct the user to the appropriate location to obtain this software if it is not installed on their computer.


  1. Download 'Content_Map_Converter(_NE).zip' (See above)
  2. Extract the files
  3. Run ‘Content Map Converter (NE).msi’
  4. Follow the on screen instructions for installation
  5. Once installed the program can be accessed via the desktop icon or by navigating to 'Start Menu’, ‘Programs’, ‘Content Map Converter’


Simply run the latest installer, the previous version will automatically be uninstalled.

Current Builds

  • Content Map Converter NE
  • Content Map Converter


  1. Open ‘Control Panel’
    • In Windows XP: Open ‘Add/Remove Programs’
    • In Windows Vista: Open ‘Programs and features’
  2. Select ‘Content Map Converter (NE)’ and click ‘Uninstall’


See the help section of WikIVet here.

Known issues

There are no known issues with content map converter. However CMaps can ouput the HTML with redundant code and this will cause the links to become misaligned. To fix this problem following this guide.


If you have any problems with this software please contact its developer: