Corynebacterium renale

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Corynebacterium renale
Phylum Actinobacteria
Order Actinomycetales
Family Corynebacteriaceae
Genus Corynebacterium
Species C.renale
Blood agar plate culture of Corynebacterium renale.(Joel mills 2007, Wikimedia commons)
Also known as: C.renale

Corynebacterium renale is a species of the Corynebacterium genus. The species was previously classified as types I, II and III, but is now classified as C. renale, C. pilosum and C. cystitidis.

It is found in the vulva, vagina and prepuce of normal cattle and can cause Bovine pyelonephritis, resulting in fever, anoexia, decreased milk production and enlarged ureters and kidneys palpated per rectum. It also causes ulcerative balanoposthitis in ewes and cystitis.

C. renale produces small, non-haemolytic colonies after 24 hours. Pigment is also produced after 48 hours.