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The vetschools collaborating on WikiVet have produced a large collection of online learning resources. Here are a few samples but please let us know if you have online links to veterinary educational content which you think could be useful for WikiVet.

Computer Aided Learning

These resources include:


There are several image archives included within WikiVet, including histology images that can be explored using the Digital slidebox.


Histology PowerPoint

These PowerPoints include:

Interactive anatomy

These drag and drop activities have been created using Dragster and enable you to label anatomical images.

The Canine Radiograph program enables users to view radiographs of the whole dog.


Videos on WikiVet

These links are to videos that help illustrate anatomy via the use of, show the pathology caused by parasites and demonstrate how to perform routine surgical procedures.

Audio podcasts

These are audio recordings of experts covering a variety of topics, from surgical treatment of heart valve disease in dogs to the epidemiology of swine flu.


There is an extensive set of revision flashcards within WikiVet. The main categories include:

Also try the [Vet Revise application]


This section contains multiple choice quizzes on a wide range of veterinary topics at all levels of the veterinary course, to allow you to test your knowledge. You can view all the quizzes or browse by category.