Eumycotic Mycetoma

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  • Pseudoallescheria boydii, Curvularia geniculata, Cochliobolus spicifer, Helminthosporium spp.
  • Lives in soil
  • Enters the body via wounds
  • Granulomatous abscesses
  • Microcolonies can be seen grossly in exudate or lesions
    • Grains or granules
    • Brown or black embedded in granulation tissue
    • Small, irregularly shaped
  • Infrequent infections of dogs, cats, cattle and horses
  • Usually affect the extremities
    • Can infect the nasal mucosa
      • E.g. Bovine nasal granuloma
    • Can also infect the peritoneum and skin
  • Microscopically:
    • Grains of maduromycosis with wide mycelia (compared to actinomycotic granules)
    • Chlamydospores present
  • Grows on Sabauraud's Dextrose agar
    • Slow
    • Takes 2-3 weeks

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