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Inspissated pus in the guttural pouch (Image courtesy of The Donkey Sanctuary)
Haemorrhage secondary to guttural pouch mycosis (Image courtesy of The Donkey Sanctuary)
Anatomical position of guttural pouches, left contains inspissated puss (Image courtesy of The Donkey Sanctuary)

Guttural pouch infection causing haemorrhage, empyaema and chondroids, is seen in the donkey. Fungal infection may be minimised by provision of good quality forage and clean air management. Empyaema and chondroids may manifest with chronic coughing, nasal discharge and swelling behind the jaw. Two cases have been encountered at The Donkey Sanctuary in which a stenotic guttural pouch flap led to accumulation of pus in the affected pouch that was resistant to treatment.


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