Guttural Pouch Tympany

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  • Congenital defect of ostia (drainage openings of guttural pouches into pharynx)
  • Potentially secondary to inflammation
  • Unilateral or bilateral
  • Marked retropharyngeal swelling
  • Abnormal distention of pouch with air
  • Congenital defect of plica salpingopharyngium - one way valve trapping air
  • Occurs more in fillies than colts

3. Guttural Pouch Tympany:

- Foals up to one year of age. The guttural pouch fills with air, but cannot escape through the pharyngotubal opening (acts as a one-way valve allowing air to be drawn into the pouch, but not expelled from it). Usually there is no gross abnormality of the opening.

- Visible external swelling and large pouch on radiographs.

- Consequences: collapse of pharyngeal roof, and therefore dysphagia.

- Unilateral tympany can be treated by forcing an opening in the median septum (fenestration) so that both pouches communicate with the pharynx through a single opening.

- Bilateral tympany - parts of the flaps guarding the openings may have to be removed.

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