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This extension is very powerful and allows a lot of damage to be done to the wiki, very quickly. DO NOT use this feature if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing. If you are unsure of what to do and wish to use this feature, contact an experienced wiki editor, e.g. here.

This page contains a few basic rules when using the find and replace function now available to sysops on WikiVet to produce links to a particular page on the site.

In this case we are going to assume that you want to replace neutrophils with the link to the neutrophils page:
i.e. 'neutrophils' => [[Neutrophils - WikiBlood|neutrophils]]

Note: When clicking 'continue' on the ReplaceText page it may give a message notifying you that the link already exists on many pages. Ignore this and continue. You will then be taken to a page where you can review each page and the context of the word to be replaced. You MUST CHECK EACH PAGE to ensure that each change is appropriate and relevant. This is essential for the upkeep of the wikis integrity.

  1. Remember to search for the word in both lower and upper case and perhaps alternative names for the word
    • e.g.'Neutrophils' as well as 'neutrophils'
  2. If the term you are searching is in the text you are replacing it with, use the version of the word not present in the replacement text first
    • e.g. Replace 'Neutrophils' before 'neutrophils' as 'Neutrophils' is present in the replacement link, thus if you do a find-replace for the lowercase version first you are going to get tonnes of hits for the new link for have just created when you go to replace 'Neutrophils'
  3. Remember you are not only replacing the word with a link but also with a word as well!
  4. Do not create links for any words in pages that belong to quizzes, flashcards or WikiNormals
    • These pages are self evident by their title
  5. Again check all page individually and all occurrences of the word to be replaced in that page (they are in red)
    • If you cant makes the changes to the page without disrupting other links of parts of the pages, change that page manually
  6. Finally when in doubt, don't do it