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Help Author Content

Everyone who has registered with WikiVet is able to edit WikiVet content, this is the major reason why we allow only suitably qualified users to register. Users are able to edit existing content and also start new pages and then author new content. In order for the WikiVet encyclopaedia to grow and stay relevant this needs to happen and more people need to edit.

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To get you started, have a look at Editing a WikiVet Page.

Help Review Content

If you're an expert within a veterinary field and you would like to help us improve WikiVet's content, why not become an Expert Reviewer?
Any pages you review and then subsequently watch will be clearly marked with a badge to show they've been checked. They look a bit like this:

If you would like to become an expert reviewer then have a look at our Expert Reviewer page.

Involve Your School

If you're a lecturer or an academic at a Vet school, there are lots of ways that you and your school can help the WikiVet project. This can include allowing us to link to some of your resources (which also guarantees that they reach a global audience and help students worldwide), setting up student projects to contribute material to WikiVet, running editing workshops at your school or even just by using WikiVet in your teaching.

If you have an idea of how you would like to be involved or are unsure at this stage but still want your school to be involved, please do contact us at and start the conversation.

Involve Your Company

The WikiVet project doesn't just belong to Universities, it belongs to everyone with a keen interest in furthering and sharing collective veterinary knowledge. If you work for a large company and feel that you would like to make an impact on global veterinary education then why not contact us and see how we can work together.

Make a Donation

WikiVet has now set up a way that you can make online donations - just click the donate button on the top left of the screen. Although we appreciate that not everyone is in a position to donate, any contribution will be gratefully received.

Become a WikiVet Student Ambassador


WikiVet are looking for vet students to represent their schools, we'd love to have at least one from every school that is registered with us. Find out what student ambassadors do, where some of them are and how to get in touch with us on our WikiVet Student Ambassadors page.