Hepatitis, Lobular Dissecting

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  • Rare cause of chronic liver failure in young dogs
  • Less than 5yrs of age
  • Standard poodle overrepresented
  • Gross findings:
    • Micronodular microhepatica, ascites, numerous portosystemic shunts
  • Histology:
    • Hepatic architecture disrupted by collagen and reticulin fibres separating the hepatic lobules into small clusters and individual cells
    • Hepatocytes mutlifocally swollen, lightly eosinophilic, some binucleated.
    • Variable nodular regeneration.
    • Scattered necrotic cells and occasional foci of inflammation.
  • Cu2+ accumulation not a consistent finding.
  • Aetiology – possibly a specific reaction pattern in neonatal/juvenile liver .
  • Differentials:
    • Copper toxicity
    • Copper storage disease
    • Aflatoxin
    • Infectious diseases such as Leptospria spp. and CAV-1.