Horse Nematode Overview

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Gastrointestinal Nematodes


Strongylus - Joaquim Castellà Veterinary Parasitology Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Many nematode species occur in the equine gastrointestinal tract, although not all are of equal importance:

Stomach Small Intestine Large Intestine
  • Habronema (Draschia)
  • Strongylus species

Strongyles (Red worms)

The strongyles that occur in the horse can be divided on the basis of size into two groups

  • Large strongyles
    • Strongylus species (3 species; used to be widespread prior to the introduction of worm control programmes; now uncommon)
    • Triodontophorus species (common)
  • Small strongyles
    • Also known as Cyathostomins (preferred term), cyathostomes, trichonemes or small redworms
    • Cyathostomins (widespread, including 4 genera and over 40 species of worms)

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